Watch it again: The Reentry Blueprint

Earlier this week we hosted “The Reentry Blueprint: Stories and Solutions from the Formerly Incarcerated” at The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.

The event was intended to advance the conversation on reentry in Philadelphia by providing a platform for formerly incarcerated people to present effective models that address the challenges facing others with criminal histories.

You can watch it again now thanks to this video produced by our friends at PhillyCam, one of the partnering organizations that make up The Reentry Project.

Volunteer program aims to break down barriers between society and sex offenders

This Vermont program might reduce sex offender recidivism. Could it work in Philly? – Generocity Philly

Counting down his last days in prison, Greg thought about his daughter, and the grandson he’d never met. But his first days of freedom in Summer 2016 yielded more loss than gain. His fresh start was spoiled when Greg’s face appeared on the local television news.

City much more likely to send probationers back to prison

The problem with probation in Philadelphia: ‘This thing is bigger than Meek Mill’

The news of Meek Mill, imprisoned since last week for violating his probation, is nearly impossible to miss in Philadelphia. A billboard on the Schuylkill illuminates his plight, and a bus has been circling City Hall the last couple days to bring further attention.

This week: Looking back at The Reentry Blueprint and catching up with more great reporting

This week: Tune in for The Reentry Blueprint! 

• Good news! You can tune in for The Reentry Blueprint on air and online Wednesday night
• One Community College student’s path from prison to arts: ‘I came out here with a goal’
• In a City Where 15 Percent of Voters Elected the Mayor, Downtown Is Claiming Power

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Revisit “The Reentry Blueprint” in words and pictures

The Reentry Project: Stories and solutions from the formerly incarcerated

Culminating a year-long reporting collaboration, Wednesday night, The Reentry Project, Frontline Dads and The Center for Returning Citizens held a forum to discuss strategies for improving the system for people coming back to society after time in jail or prison. Jeffrey Abramowitz had a career as a trial lawyer before spending five years in prison.