Scholar: Legislation helpful but has unintended consequences

How ban-the-box rules help ex-offenders, hurt women, young people

When it comes to ban-the-box legislation, there are winners and losers. Winners are people with criminal records who now have a better chance of getting work because employers can’t ask prospective employees to check the job application box that asks about arrests and convictions. Philadelphia’s law was passed in 2011 and was strengthened in March 2016.

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Dominique “Peak” Johnson will join Billy Penn on a special one-year Knight fellowship

Billy Penn adds first Knight Fellow, joins Solutions Journalism’s reentry project

Dominique “Peak” Johnson joins the team. Former journalist Dominique “Peak” Johnson will join on a special one-year Knight fellowship. Johnson’s duties over the next year will be to contribute reporting resources to the Solutions Journalism Network’s Philadelphia project, a 16-organization group covering prisoner reentry and recidivism in Philadelphia.