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Locked up for being poor in Philadelphia, noting National Reentry Week and planning for some upcoming events.

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Thousands locked up in Philadelphia because they can’t afford bail

Locked up for being poor: Can next Philly DA fix the bail mess?

Joshua Glenn was 16 and facing some serious charges – and but he was determined to fight them. Sent away to Philadelphia’s notorious 19th-Century-built House of Correction on charges including aggravated assault and attempted murder rap by a DA’s office that wanted to try Glenn as adult, the teenager believed in his innocence, rejecting a plea deal that might have sent him home, on probation.

For some New Jersey residents unable to pay bail, change in policy could grant freedom

N.J. will eliminate cash bail, speed up criminal trials in 2017

On June 2, 2015, police equipped with a search warrant knocked on the door of Jeannette Santiago’s Camden home. Santiago said the target of the warrant was a friend who had been selling drugs out of her house, but that officials went after her too because the deed to the house was in her name.