With the help of Community Legal Services, certain misdemeanor convictions can be sealed from people’s record

If you have a criminal record, read this

Important information if you have a criminal record. Effective November 14, people with certain misdemeanor convictions can ask the court to seal their records. The sealed record will only be available to law enforcement officers, and, if your record is sealed, you can truthfully tell a prospective employer that you have no criminal record.

Change to expungement laws offer former offenders another chance

Pa. law allows sealing some old criminal records – and new sense of hope for the future

Jody stared at the well-worn court paperwork spread across her dining room table. The pages, folded and refolded hundreds of times, have haunted her for a decade — a constant reminder of her one and only brush with the law.


Nearly 2,000 people sign up for criminal record expungement event

A day to expunge criminal records is hugely popular in Philly

Meghan Claiborne and John Coyle never imagined that the little volunteer project they decided to shepherd on behalf of the Young Lawyers Division of the Philadelphia Bar Association would mushroom into Saturday’s mega-event. – Jane M. Von Bergen, Philadelphia Inquirer

Expungement clinic helps ex-offenders get minor offenses sealed from record

Job seekers with criminal histories thankful for expungement clinic

Steve left Vare Recreation Center over the weekend with a big grin on his face. For the better part of two decades, his criminal record has kept him from getting jobs he’s wanted, even though he was never convicted of anything.