Panelists pointed to lack of jobs and stable, long-term housing

Advocates ask for more reentry efforts in Phila.

Of the 2,000 juveniles serving life sentences around the United States, 500 come from Pennsylvania and 300 come directly from here. That means the city has produced 15 percent of the country’s so-called “juvenile-lifers.” The Youth Sentencing and Reentry Project (YSRP) is working to change that.

Reentry program started by two federal judges gets results

Where Some of the Most Housing-Challenged Philadelphians Find Help

About a year ago, Darryl Booker got a voucher. Booker is 57 and has a chronic heart condition that takes him in and out of the hospital and makes physical activity, including walking up stairs, nearly impossible. When he was released in 2015, “I didn’t have no one,” he says.

Helen Ubiñas checks in with Colwin Williams

Taking stock of life outside of prison during National Reentry Week

I can’t help but smile while Colwin Williams talks about wanting a speed bump on the West Philly street where he and his family just moved. There are a lot of children in the neighborhood, including his own 2-year-old, Aisha. That was part of the attraction to the place.