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Philadelphia’s oldest teen lifer won’t seek parole

Philly’s oldest juvenile lifer resentenced, but is it too late?

“I was arrested in Philadelphia at the age of 15. I was in jail quite a few years,” said Joe Ligon, who recently turned 80 in prison. He’s eligible for parole – but will he apply after decades in an institution?

Juvenile lifers must choose between seeking new sentences and pursuing exoneration

A judge called this juvenile lifer innocent, but he’s still in prison. Will Philly’s next DA let him go home?

Terrance Lewis, sentenced to life for second-degree murder, read the opinion in his prison cell. “The great part was, somebody finally believed me,” he said. “The sad part was, I still got to die in jail.” – Samantha Melamed, Philadelphia Inquirer

Graterford inmate calls in to program on prison stigma

El Zol radio program discusses the stigma surrounding prisoners and implications for family support, employment, and life in general. Luis ‘Suave’ Gonzalez and his sister call in to discuss recently seeing each other for the first time in 24 years while he serves a life sentence in Graterford prison. This is a bilingual recording and the first English-language portion begins at 7:40.

Arthur Johnson wants out of solitary confinement, where he has served the last 37 years

Solitary inmate: ‘I done forgot how it feels to touch another person . . .’

FRACKVILLE, Pa. – On a warm morning last week, couples were hugged up on comfy sofa chairs and buying snacks and soft drinks from vending machines. Happiness was everywhere, despite the setting: the visiting room at one of Pennsylvania’s maximum-security prisons, the State Correctional Institute – Frackville.

After 37 years in solitary confinement, inmate seeks to rejoin general population in prison

After 37 years, inmate pleads for end to solitary confinement

HARRISBURG – The question for convicted murderer Arthur Johnson seemed simple: Could he explain what his days are like, from the moment he wakes to the time he drifts off to sleep, in the 7-by-12-foot prison cell where he has spent nearly 37 years in solitary confinement?