Justice issues dominated recent Philly DA forum

District attorney candidates squared off at Philly Set Go’s millennial town hall – Generocity Philly

Expungement of criminal records, overcrowding in jails and prisons, gun violence and, of course, marijuana – these were some of the biggest topics that all eight candidates for district attorney were questioned about Wednesday night at a millennial-focused town hall.

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ShopRite finds talent in former drug dealers. Learn more about the Reentry Coalition and Think Tank. In Philadelphia school police outnumber counselors. And more.

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Philadelphia schools employ 284 counselors; 351 police officers

In Philadelphia, school police outnumber counselors

The study found that in schools with law enforcement, “discipline responsibilities tend to be shifted away from teachers, administrators, and other school staff to the [school police officers].” On average, the data shows a 12 percent increase in reporting “non-serious violent crime” in schools with police officers compared to those without.

Assignment: Learning to tell fuller stories


A college student is given a first glimpse at one of the challenges of reentry: fear of reincarceration.

In the final weeks of this divisive presidential campaign, I sat in the lounge in the student union researching a Black man who had had his guilty verdict and 30-year jail sentence overturned.  His name is Isaac Anderson and he was accused of hitting a police vehicle head-on after an officer stopped him because the car he was driving was allegedly stolen.

chris-barron-headshotWhile I pored over Orlando Sentinel articles, the television in the lounge broadcast one of Donald Trump’s rallies.  The “Law and Order Candidate” talked about respect for police officers and praised the use of stop-and-frisk, even after it has been proven to target African Americans.

I took notes on Isaac Anderson’s case, and wrote down the questions that swirled about in my head.

Why did he flee from the police unless he was guilty of something? Why was he driving a car that was reported stolen?  Why would his sentence be 30 years unless he was a truly bad man?

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Laura Cassidy wins award for prison sustainability programs

The Dilworth Awards: City honors three of its best and brightest

Chief Inspector Joseph Sullivan, who headed police response to the papal visit and the Democratic National Convention, was honored Tuesday for his 33 years in the Philadelphia Police Department. Sullivan was one of three recipients of the Richardson Dilworth Awards, which recognize full-time, executive-branch employees.