Employers can welcome returning citizens with new icon on Generocity job board

Do you have a returning citizen-friendly workplace? – Generocity Philly

One of the trickiest parts of rejoining the outside world after spending time in the criminal justice system is finding work. As the Generocity jobs board has grown, we’ve increasingly recognized the bit role that we can play in contributing to a solution.

Eagles’ All-Pro safety lays out his wish list for 2018

The big Birds’ win isn’t all Super Bowl champion Malcolm Jenkins wanted in 2018 — here’s his criminal justice reform wishlist.

Playoff Edition: Malcolm Jenkins’ Criminal Justice Season – The Philadelphia Citizen

As we head into the playoffs, I have high expectations on the field and off. This past year has been an interesting journey, full of learning, exploration, and a search for answers regarding the injustices that continue to plague communities of color.

Philadelphia businesses share best practices for supporting formerly incarcerated employees

4 smart practices for hiring formerly incarcerated Philadelphians – Generocity Philly

And according to a recent American Civil Liberties Union report, 75 percent of formerly incarcerated people struggle with employment a year after release. In a city with an estimated population of 1.5 million, that means at least 187,500 Philadelphians in this group could be struggling with employment.

Grid looks back on the #PowerUpReentry hackathon

Navigating Reentry After Prison? There’s an App For That

Hackathon brings together parolees, technologists and journalists to create tech prototypes for the greater good By Belinda Sharr Reentering society after spending time in jail or prison can be challenging. Finding a job with a criminal record isn’t easy, and without money to purchase clothing and s

Tell your friends! You can watch The Reentry Blueprint on cable and online every Monday this month

The Reentry Project recently hosted “The Reentry Blueprint: Stories and Solutions from the Formerly Incarcerated” at The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.

The event was intended to advance the conversation on reentry in Philadelphia by providing a platform for formerly incarcerated people to present effective models that address the challenges facing others with criminal histories.

This month, PhillyCam will air their video coverage every Monday at 1 p.m. on cable and online.

Tune in to:

Comcast 66/966HD/967

Verizon Fios 29/30

PhillyCam’s: Web Channel


You can also view the program anytime on our site: Watch it one more time: The Reentry Blueprint

Photo courtesy of Kriston Bethel.

Jenkins: Mothers in Charge “Thinking for a Change” program works with juvenile offenders to reduce recidivism

Week 17: Malcolm Jenkins’ Criminal Justice Season – The Philadelphia Citizen

Over the last year, I’ve met countless heroes working on the frontlines of criminal justice reform, committed to making our city better. The stakes are so high. There are currently 2.7 million children in the United States with a parent in prison. Statistics show that those children have twice the risk for developing dysfunctional problems, …