Kensington church offers bible study, boxing lessons and alternatives to the street

Fists, faith and Rock Ministries: Kensington’s boxing church under the El

You can hear the man from the stairs. He calls out “Xanny! Percs!” as the El above him pulls away. He is thin, wearing a red sweatshirt. A small tattoo is etched above his left cheek. His corner is Somerset and Kensington, in plain view of a SEPTA Transit Police car across the street.

Fathers discuss reconnecting with their children

Reporter Trenae Nuri speaks with fathers about their experience reconnecting with children after returning home. Camera and Editing by Ariel Taylor.

The series features stories about the Reentry Coalition, Think Tank, ex-offender employment through Community Empowerment and Community Learning Center, housing with Why Not Prosper and stories of fathers reuniting with their children at The Center for Returning Citizens.

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