The odds of returning to prison are high, but efforts to reverse the trend grow

Rare agreement for conservatives and liberals: Moving more people out of prison in Philly

To be sure, many people coming from prison will return to a life of crime. That’s been the experience of career prosecutor George Parry, now a criminal defense attorney in Philadelphia. “I’m sure there are people who make a mistake and go to prison and change their lives,” he said.

Ex-offenders help city officials to understand transitioning to life on the outside

Former prisoners offer advice to new leader of Philly effort to help ex-inmates

On a recent December morning, Ceciley Bradford-Jones takes a seat in a circle of foldout chairs filled with people who are experts when it comes to prison; they’ve lived behind bars. Bradford-Jones, the new executive director of RISE, the Philadelphia Mayor’s Office of Re-integration Services, has been on the job for a couple months.

For some New Jersey residents unable to pay bail, change in policy could grant freedom

N.J. will eliminate cash bail, speed up criminal trials in 2017

On June 2, 2015, police equipped with a search warrant knocked on the door of Jeannette Santiago’s Camden home. Santiago said the target of the warrant was a friend who had been selling drugs out of her house, but that officials went after her too because the deed to the house was in her name.


Davon Clark talks about his media company geared for children

Instructor/activist Davon Clark discusses the philosophy behind his nonprofit ADC Kid and how his poetry classes in the region’s juvenile detention centers are providing the tool of creative expression to incarcerated youth.

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RISE aims to make sure ex-offenders don’t return to Philadelphia jails

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They married men in prison for life. Now, a change in the law could bring their husbands home.