This week: More stories of transition and an opportunity to speak at our main event

This week:

• Apply now to take the stage and share your solutions
• Halfway Back introduces Jamel Workman
• He stole a $1 lemonade, smoked pot – then nearly had to die in prison
• Think you have what it takes to navigate life as a returning citizen?

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Halfway Back introduces Jamel Workman

Welcome to the second episode of The Reentry Project’s Halfway Back audio series, which gives formerly incarcerated people a chance to tell their own stories.

Today, host Antionette Lee introduces us to Jamel Workman, a West Philadelphia man who is hoping to “clip” the cycle of recidivism. Listen now:

This occasional series is based on conversations with those who called into our Share your Story line or reached out to us at The Reentry Project directly. If you’d like to talk to us, please text “I have a story” or call us at (215) 821-9790.

You can also contact us on Twitter via: @ReentryUpdates