Sentencing children to life in prison requires incapability of rehabilitation, Pa. court rules

Pennsylvania’s top court just made it way harder to sentence kids to life in prison

The court ruled that there is a presumption against life sentences for juveniles – and that, in order to sentence a minor to life, prosecutors must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he is incapable of rehabilitation. – Samantha Melamed, Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News

Critics: Maybe it’s time to reconsider housing kids in adult jails altogether

Why can’t Philly stop holding kids in solitary confinement?

The situation with her son is pushing Cassandra Barnett to despair. Last week, she quit her job; she was no longer able to make it through the workday without breaking down. The reason: She’d been told her son was in segregation at the Philadelphia Industrial Correctional Center (PICC) — the adult jail that contains a separate cell block for teens charged as adults and awaiting trial.

Automatic life-without-parole sentences for juveniles ruled unconstitutional

Pa. courts scramble to catch up to juvenile-lifers decision

Recently, Earl Rice Jr., an inmate at Graterford Prison, got unexpected news from a relative: A judge had unceremoniously changed his sentence from life without parole to life with parole. Chester County Court Judge James MacElree later explained: “That’s what the Supreme Court of the United States said I had to do.