Life after a life sentence: A personal story from Tyrone Werts

After 36 Years in Prison, This Philadelphian Has a Model for Criminal Justice Reform

While serving what was supposed to be a life sentence in prison, Tyrone Werts was influential in bringing the The Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program to Graterford Prison. The program brings together college students and people serving time to learn from each other about crime, justice and other social concerns.

Gatherings scheduled to address pardons process

Lt. governor: Here’s how to get a pardon

It took a little prodding, but Pennsylvania’s lieutenant governor Michael J. Stack finally admitted how, as a youngster playing hooky from school, he bought cigarettes illegally and was caught. Luckily for him, the store detective never followed through on his threat to send Stack to jail.

Former lawyer who went to prison finds calling in helping other returning citizens

The color of a collar: Jeff Abramowitz’s road to reentry – Generocity Philly

Jeff Abramowitz is starting to sleep under his covers again. He brushes his teeth with a decent toothbrush. He lays his head on a decent pillow. The faint clamor of keys clattering against a metal ring, however, sometimes keeps complete comfort at bay.

Employment status is key predictor of recidivism

Reporter Noah Levinson spoke with Steve Blackburn, from X-Offenders for Community Empowerment and Jeffrey Abramowitz, from Community Learning Center of Philadelphia to discuss the challenges that returning citizens face when seeking employment.

PhillyCAM Voices is a new community news show highlighting political, cultural and civic events in Philadelphia and is dedicating its March show to reentry awareness.

The series features stories about the Reentry Coalition, Think Tank, ex-offender employment through Community Empowerment and Community Learning Center, housing with Why Not Prosper and stories of fathers reuniting with their children at The Center for Returning Citizens.

Readers react to stories about former drug dealers working at supermarkets

Ex-drug dealers turn their lives around at ShopRite, but what about the misery they caused on the street?

No doubt Jeffrey Brown, the chief executive of Brown’s Super Stores Inc., a chain of 13 ShopRite and Fresh Grocer supermarkets, deserves praise for hiring people released from prison. It helps them and it helps Brown’s business, because the ex-drug dealers, in particular, have real retail expertise.

Delegation travels to Graterford prison in hopes of helping inmates

Hope behind bars

Over the course of his thirty-three years inside, Luis Suave González, who was sentenced to life when he was still a minor, had never experienced anything like what happened on March 7th in Graterford prison: A visit of from an important group of organizations, represented by their top officials, with the aim of helping a significant number of inmates with their reentry back into society or, at least back into in the Barrio.