Following U.S. Supreme Court decision, and 40 years in prison, man finally paroled

After 40 years claiming innocence, Philly juvenile lifer is free

Tyrone Jones rode the elevator up to the 28th floor of One Liberty Place, a building that didn’t exist the last time he was a free man, and looked out over a city transformed. “Before I went to prison, Market Street wasn’t this crowded. The sports complex, that wasn’t there,” he said Thursday.

The possibility of using big data to alleviate Philadelphia’s overcrowded jails

Can a computer algorithm be trusted to help relieve Philly’s overcrowded jails?

Of the roughly 7 400 people sitting in Philadelphia s jails right now more than half of them aren t there because they ve been found guilty of a crime They ve been accused of one and are waiting for

Local businesses offer round-trip rides to prisons throughout state

Jaunts to jail: Pa. prison overcrowding leads to a Philly area cottage industry

By her estimate, Stacey Wilson has spent more than a week of her life traveling to and from prisons to visit her son Derron, who is serving 7-and-a-half to 15 years for attempted murder. He formerly was imprisoned at Graterford and Camp Hill, and she visited as often as twice a week.

Convicted then acquitted of murder, Anthony Wright is now a free man

A day after murder acquittal, Anthony Wright rejoices in family, friends, freedom

A man who spent 25 years in prison for a rape and murder that a jury concluded he didn’t commit, Anthony Wright was emotional and tearful, elated and optimistic. Bitter, he was not. “I worship a merciful God and he forgives,” Wright, 44, said at a news conference Wednesday, a day after he was acquitted at retrial in the 1991 death of a 77-year-old Nicetown woman.

Graterford Prison is a college campus for some with a life sentence

At Graterford, lifers get degrees even if they’ll never use them

At 44, Matthew Slaughter has seen a lot, and not much of it in an academic setting. He grew up in North Philadelphia’s Richard Allen Homes and became a father when he was 14. Arrested before his 20th birthday for a 1990 murder in North Philadelphia, he was sentenced in 1992 to life in prison.

Those released from prison seek opportunities for employment

Taking the first step toward giving ex-offenders a second chance

Maybe, in principle, employers might believe in giving someone fresh out of prison a second chance by offering that person a job. But . . . How do they figure out who is actually dangerous? How do they make sense of the tangled government document that is a criminal record?