Family stays connected through phone calls and letters

Parenting from inside prison walls

At sunrise on a cold Saturday, while most families were still enjoying their extra time to snooze, Nekia Pressley and her children gathered in her Dodge minivan for their regular trip to Graterford prison. Pressley, 38, lives with three of her children in the Hunting Park section of the city – Yani, 17; Dimeen, 13; and Darwish, 10.

Program created by incarcerated fathers at Graterford, for incarcerated fathers

Inside a Philadelphia Prison, a Parenting Movement Grows

On the morning of June 25, 2007, Sam, an inmate at Graterford – a maximum security prison less than an hour’s drive from Philadelphia – was feeling pretty good about himself. A few months earlier, he had participated in a first-of-its-kind telecast to more than 3,000 urban youth gathered together at Community College of Philadelphia.