Activists launch efforts to raise community money for bail

Can a Philly community bail fund fix our criminal-justice system?

The Philly Community Bail Fund is an effort that’s part protest against a cash-bail system they say unfairly penalizes the poor, and part stopgap until a more permanent change can be made. – Samantha Melamed, Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News

Act of good citizenship sparks fast friendship

A lawyer’s lost bags lead to a juvenile lifer’s redemption

The briefcases lay on the South Philadelphia street, abandoned, one neatly leaning against the other like a couple of downed dominoes. At first, Jeffrey Branch, 53, thought someone got robbed. Nope, he told himself. Not touching those. He took another look.

Good news! You can tune in for The Reentry Blueprint on air and online Wednesday night

The Reentry Blueprint: Stories and Solutions from the Formerly Incarcerated is a free public event to advance the conversation on reentry in Philadelphia by providing a platform for formerly incarcerated people to present effective models that address the challenges facing people with criminal histories.

This event will take place Wednesday evening at 6 p.m. at The Franklin Institute but is now booked to capacity and we can no longer make tickets available. But you can tune in from anywhere thanks to our partners:


WURD Radio will stream live audio from the event on air at 96.1 FM and 900 AM in Philadelphia. You can also listen to WURD online:


PhillyCam will stream live video online which you can watch on YouTube:


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Center for Male Engagement can be a lifeline on CCP campus

One Community College student’s path from prison to arts: ‘I came out here with a goal’

As he sat in the offices of the Center for Male Engagement at the Community College of Philadelphia on a recent weekday afternoon, David Coit vowed that he would not be going back to jail anytime soon. “Being in jail, that shit sucks, bro,” Coit said. “That’s like the closest thing to hell.

POWER Northeast fights to increase voter registration in the Lehigh Valley

In a City Where 15 Percent of Voters Elected the Mayor, Downtown Is Claiming Power

In 1984, Sydney ‘Trek’ Mckenzie’s middle school class assembled to listen to Geraldine Ferraro, a vice presidential candidate, speak to a crowd in Allentown, Pennsylvania. This simple class trip, organized by Mckenzie’s teacher, was a moment that changed his life. It was the moment that he realized the power in politics.

Employers discuss hiring previously incarcerated people

Advice for firms to hire former inmates: Let a partner help

Bruce Murray hires for a 10-person window rehab business. Bonnie Eckstein is talent acquisition manager for Ikea, which runs 47 U.S. stores. Both want to know more about how to hire people coming from prison. – Jane M. Von Bergen, Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News