Video: Decarcerate PA looks to reduce the prison population of non-violent offenders

The second video in this series, WHAT WE WANT outlines the three point platform of Decarcerate PA: No more prisons, Decarcerate (to decrease the prison population of non-violent offenders), and Reinvest in our schools and communities. // A collaborative production by Art Factory, PhillyCAM, Decarcerate PA.

This summer, Art Factory collaborated with Decarcerate PA and PhillyCAM for six weeks to make three short stop-motion videos to help people realize the grand actuality of the Prison Industrial Complex. PhillyCAM was gracious enough to let us use their equipment and their space while we planned, filmed, recorded and edited our 3 videos. Decarcerate PA helped us clear up the clouds by telling us more about what they do as well as the political and community results and consequences of mass incarceration. We hope that these pieces will shed light on the current situation, and inspire people to join the movement to stop the prison industry and reinvest in the community.

Philadelphia inmates get new leash on life


Joe Davis was born a few weeks before Thanksgiving in 1972, better off than most. His father worked in a chocolate factory. His mother counseled troubled kids and drug addicts. In his crayon-colored memories, he conjures a happy boyhood in Germantown.

RETI-WRAP assists students from juvenile placement re-enter high school

Adjudicated youth

To increase the chances of a smooth transition, the District ended the process of returning adjudicated youth to regular classrooms in mid-semester. Instead, they will remain in an extended RETI-WRAP program, with a chance to earn credits, until the start of the next semester.

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