This week: More stories of transition and an opportunity to speak at our main event

This week:

• Apply now to take the stage and share your solutions
• Halfway Back introduces Jamel Workman
• He stole a $1 lemonade, smoked pot – then nearly had to die in prison
• Think you have what it takes to navigate life as a returning citizen?

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Apply now to take the stage and share your solutions

On the evening of November 15th, The Reentry Project will host: “The Reentry Blueprint: Stories and Solutions from the Formerly Incarcerated,” an open public event at the Franklin Institute, to advance the conversation on reentry in Philadelphia. We expect the audience to be a broad cross section of Philadelphians– from everyday folks to politicians, from business leaders to criminal justice experts.

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The highlight of the event will be six “Lightning Talks”– 10 minute-long presentations by formerly incarcerated people on solutions to reentry challenges.

This is an open call to give one of these Lightning Talks. If you are a formerly incarcerated individual who has a reentry solution idea and is prepared to deliver an engaging and innovative presentation on this idea – please fill out this form to be considered for the event. Your reentry model, approach, or program must have proven track record through evidence based evaluation or through sustained support and success from within the community.

Here are some topics we are interested in, but we are open to others as well:

• Home ownership
• Harnessing the political power of the formerly incarcerated
• Violence Prevention
• Entrepreneurship
• Trauma-informed care

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This week: Introducing our signature event and delivering more vital reporting

This week:

• Introducing: The Reentry Blueprint
• Can Philly’s new technology predict recidivism without being racist?
• The Citizen Recommends: Day One Challenge
• Quaker City Coffee is betting that former drug dealers will make good entrepreneurs
• Book explores how kids cope with parents in prison
• How computers are predicting crime – and potentially impacting your future
• How this Philly hackathon plans to help people after prison

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