Eagles’ All-Pro safety lays out his wish list for 2018

The big Birds’ win isn’t all Super Bowl champion Malcolm Jenkins wanted in 2018 — here’s his criminal justice reform wishlist.

Playoff Edition: Malcolm Jenkins’ Criminal Justice Season – The Philadelphia Citizen

As we head into the playoffs, I have high expectations on the field and off. This past year has been an interesting journey, full of learning, exploration, and a search for answers regarding the injustices that continue to plague communities of color.

This month: Trauma-informed teaching, Malcom Jenkins reports, looking back at our events and more

• Here we’re not outcasts: A three-part series on Pa.’s Lakeside School and innovative approaches to trauma-informed education

• Parole and Probation Reform Is Bigger Than Meek Mill


• Tell your friends! You can watch The Reentry Blueprint on cable and online

• MALCOLM JENKINS’ CRIMINAL JUSTICE SEASON: Profiling The Center for Returning Citizens and Why Not Prosper

• Navigating Reentry After Prison? There’s an App For That


• Watch it one more time: The Reentry Blueprint

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Jenkins: Frontline Dads fighting to make Philadelphia safer and more just

Week 16: Malcolm Jenkins’ Criminal Justice Season – The Philadelphia Citizen

As we close in on the holidays, I am reminded of my family and how much they mean to me. I reflect on past Christmas memories and how much my father and mother have meant to me, how much they molded, influenced, and prepared me for all that I am today.

This week: Community surveys, hackathon recaps and more critical reporting

This week:

• The Reentry Project needs your feedback!
• At Philly reentry ‘hackathon,’ using tech to drive down recidivism
• Live from #PowerUpReentry
• Slide show: Here’s what our #PowerUpReentry Hackathon looked like
• At Philly reentry ‘hackathon,’ using tech to drive down recidivism
• A Hack-a-Thon to Curb Recidivism
• Philly activists raising money to bail poor defendants out of jail
• Locked up for 40 years for a murder his brother confessed to, Kevin Brinkley returns home, to a changed world
• Malcolm Jenkins’ criminal justice season
• How a Temple professor and a prison inmate started an international movement
• This festival will help bail Black mothers and fathers out of jail

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Jenkins heading for Harrisburg; releases video calling for end to cash bail

Week 7: Malcolm Jenkins Criminal Justice Season – The Philadelphia Citizen

Next week, I’ll be visiting our State Capitol along with other NFL players to talk to lawmakers and policymakers about the state of criminal justice reform, with a special emphasis on lobbying for the Clean Slate Act, which I’ve written about here before. Twice before, I’ve joined my fellow football players on trips to Washington, D.C.

Malcolm Jenkins wants you to really stare in the mirror and think

Malcolm Jenkins’ September Surprise – The Philadelphia Citizen

Last Friday night, local fashionistas, football aficionados and social justice warriors converged on the Center City restaurant Maison 208 for a party thrown by Jay Amin and Eagle All-Pro safety and activist Malcolm Jenkins, the co-owners of Washington Square’s Damari Savile, the bespoke men’s fashion store.